Colored flatwork of a mermaid

A little History...

I've been drawing since I could walk.  Turns out skin and virtual worlds are a little different than walls.  My first stint in college ended abruptly when I got married to a military man and moved to Hawaii.  There I apprenticed under Nancy and Buddy Conte' and learned the fine art of tattooing.  I took a break from tattooing and drawing for a few years when my daughter was born. Wielding Photoshop and Illustrator skills, what started as a customer service job turned into managing an on-line company where I learned quite a bit about e-commerce.  2 years later, I'm arting again, and quite a bit happier being back in school.

Artistic Influences

My art is influenced by almost everything I come across.

Anime was a big inspiration for me as a child.  Going to school for Animation taught me a lot about how to see the real world and then apply those observations to characters and settings.  I fell in love with Pixar after watching Ratatouille.

Training for traditional 2d animation helped develop my drawing stills in both speed and versatility, which made working in tattoo shops very fun for me.  What I love most about tattoo designs is that they are complete.  The best ones are visually appealing from every angle.

Arguably, I've spent more of my time on video games than a person should in a lifetime.  I love the cut scenes, the art, the complexities and variations in the play of each game.  I'm excited to play more games on the newest systems, but I will never forget how I felt the first time I played the original playstation.

Meet the Personas

Different arts call for different hats.

Studious Student

Pursing Knowledge

Game enthusiast and budding game designer.  Specializing in 3d object modeling and level design.


Back to Basics

Illustrator and Graphic Artist, specializing in character and tattoo design.  Photohut and all it's friends are my friends.

Web Monkey

Lets do all the things...

Web Project Manager, Product Designer and budding SEO

Next Steps...

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